Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Anonymous favourite

In the journey of life,
when everywhere there was strife,
He came and held my hand,
And as if by some magical wand,
All anxieties flowed away like sand.

Oh! It was majestic,
There is a doubt at it being realistic,
You See, the change was drastic,
And it all seemed very ecstatic.

The very first time when my eyes met his,
I knew the person made for me was this,
I knew that someday he would be mine,
And it would be then that my destiny would shine.

Most undoubtedly I got him,
My heart was filled with emotions till the brim,
Oh! what a happy time we had,
and in his company i felt glad.

I felt that all my desires had been fulfilled,
And all my wishes granted,
With him i felt enchanted.

But then came a phase of my life,
when my mind told me that it was not right,
But my heart still in search of love,
Fought with my mind with all its might.

The end was heartbreaking,
It was gloomily breathtaking,
I was left with my morals shaking,
And i felt my soul aching.

What more can i say now,
It was then that i took a vow,
To wait till the right time, and the right situation,
But i still doubt the seriousness of my notion. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”

-Oscar Wilde

How many times in our life have we felt the need to be loved….the answer is often.. very often… indeed ‘ to love and be loved is the greatest happiness of existence’.

But the more we go out to find love, the more deserted our life becomes. Love often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left opened, and the only love worthy to be named is “unconditional”.

In this urban society finding a true love and establishing a lifelong romance seems a shaggy dog story. People ‘fall’ for each other, then just like leaves shed off in autumn they ’split up’ . Going into a deeper thought doesn’t this seem an obscure idea????

You waste so much of your precious time for a person… its not just your time it’s a part of your life that you give to him/her. I ask you a question … why do you put yourself with so much pain?...why?. you are not born to suffer, you are born to be happy and utilize this life that the almighty provided, to spread happiness.

After a so called ‘break up’ with your so called ‘lover’ you are left as a solitary soul in this mean world…and then you ask yourself WHY ME????.. but, be sure no one on this earth can provide you an answer for this…. Because ‘your life is a product of your actions’….

Mark my words there is no need for you to take in so much and feel lonely or aggressive or like a chick in this “mean world”. But then where lies love??.... who should you love blindly??.... the answer is simple….LOVE YOUR SELF…. And it will never let you down.

The more immersed you are into your soul, the more time you spend with yourself, doing all that you love you will see that gradually that every day of yours will start with a smile and every night will end with a laugh. You will be the happiest person on earth. Believe me … its true!...

Love yourself, live your heart,

And soon you will be able to make cakes from tarts.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It is not easy to love and to care,

It takes courage to dare,

When the one you love the most,

Lives far across the coast,

Its not easy to love…

Even though you miss him,

Yet you can just feel him,

When you need him,

You discover that chances of meeting him are dim,

Its not easy to love…

His memories begin to haunt you,

And you remember, his love for you,

If you wish to send a token of love,

Circumstances don’t permit you to do the above

Its not easy to love…

You remember when he held your hand,

And promised that through the time he will stand,

You remember each small little thing,

Every moment seems to give inkling,

Its not easy to love…

Saturday, May 24, 2008


It is common to see people of east as an itinerant of west. Of course….it is the walk of the town now… the trio bangla, gadi, aur paisa has become a prerequisite for a grand life… we owe this to our British rulers who left that tinge of chic after they went… ‘angrez to chale gayee par angreezee chod gayee’ .

But now is the time to witness a reverse osmosis… the west is drifting towards east…it indeed is.. The cultural heritage of India is attracting people from the west. Recently, the famous supermodel Heidi Klum and her husband Seal celebrated their 3rd anniversary by reuniting via an Indian wedding. It is reported that the duo was so much magnetized by Benaras and its vedic splendor that they decide to call upon a pandit all the way from India and a ‘mini benaras’ was created along mexico’s costa careyes beach.

Similarly Angelina jolie who visited India for shooting “ a mighty heart” was astounded by India’s beauty and said that India was much more diverse than what she had heard.

And of course our bollywood gang is not lagging behind they have not left any stone unturned to depict the extraordinary talents of Indians.. be it “ namesty London”, “swadesh”, “om jai jagdesh”, or out Indian ‘krish’ who is an consummate combination of superman, batman, and Spiderman. Then comes our mighty brigade of millionaires…the Mittals, the Ambanis..So doesn’t that show that we are somewhat elevated than them. At this point of time it would not be wrong to imagine a 100 yr rule of east over west…. Doesn’t that sound intresting?????. .. when our future generations will read in their history



one fine morning, when the sun was high,
and mother nature had bunged its sigh,
all creation seemed to be celebrating,
and, there seemed to be no sign of grating,
yet, i could sense a fear in my heart,
as if things had ended before i could make a start.

as if life had lost its flavor,
and, had left my mind to waver,
i felt like i had felt never before,
but, it was a horrible feeling to be sure,
as if the world had lost its lure.

i could sense the end,
the end of many trends,
time seemed to have stopped,
and it stood by me to mock,

what i was, and what am i now,
oh! why did it happen and how?...
at present, when i sit down to pen down my thoughts,
life seems to be about to rot,
everything seems to have come to an end,
as if i am left with no errands.

i feel as if no one cares for me,
as if, none is there to adore me,
as if i am left all alone,
just me, me and me.

oh! so much of pessimism,
pray thee! i don't die of egoism,
there is a ceaseless restlessness,
as if destruction has held me to caress,
help me oh god
to come out of this pod.

but, then after every night there is a day,
there is still a hope that someday.....