Tuesday, July 8, 2008


To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”

-Oscar Wilde

How many times in our life have we felt the need to be loved….the answer is often.. very often… indeed ‘ to love and be loved is the greatest happiness of existence’.

But the more we go out to find love, the more deserted our life becomes. Love often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left opened, and the only love worthy to be named is “unconditional”.

In this urban society finding a true love and establishing a lifelong romance seems a shaggy dog story. People ‘fall’ for each other, then just like leaves shed off in autumn they ’split up’ . Going into a deeper thought doesn’t this seem an obscure idea????

You waste so much of your precious time for a person… its not just your time it’s a part of your life that you give to him/her. I ask you a question … why do you put yourself with so much pain?...why?. you are not born to suffer, you are born to be happy and utilize this life that the almighty provided, to spread happiness.

After a so called ‘break up’ with your so called ‘lover’ you are left as a solitary soul in this mean world…and then you ask yourself WHY ME????.. but, be sure no one on this earth can provide you an answer for this…. Because ‘your life is a product of your actions’….

Mark my words there is no need for you to take in so much and feel lonely or aggressive or like a chick in this “mean world”. But then where lies love??.... who should you love blindly??.... the answer is simple….LOVE YOUR SELF…. And it will never let you down.

The more immersed you are into your soul, the more time you spend with yourself, doing all that you love you will see that gradually that every day of yours will start with a smile and every night will end with a laugh. You will be the happiest person on earth. Believe me … its true!...

Love yourself, live your heart,

And soon you will be able to make cakes from tarts.



  1. there is a marginal line between self love and selfishness... the emphasis of self love must always be wriiten along side anti elements of society rejection, the question here is when do er know its love? the answer to this is stop searching for the ideal, cos u urself r not ideal... thats it!! very rightly akriti says that the current scenario is of people who blindly seach for love,eventually thinks that they have fallen, then even faster they split, thats western culture and movies over us... but yet i always emphasise on never neglecting the importance of love in life, success had its charm when u have someone to share it with,someone that u have earned from ur actions,someone along side parents and siblings, someone that was not given by destiny but destined to be with... whats say? anyways good work akriti, since i too is writing for a relationship blog and had already tpuched this topic so it was great pleasure to get ur view on that, good one!! keep it up

  2. hey!!
    this was a real eye opener, infact i shud say a mind opener.each line speaks the truth.seems as if u've written this for me........i dont know abt others but yes after giving a thought to ur ideas am really feeling better mch better.
    afterall ups n downs r a part of life, nd this blog gave a kind of boost to my thinking nd my views.
    excellent wrk. keep it up!!!!
    its gud to see that u r getting urself indulged in such creative thngs.
    god bless u!!!

  3. we are all alone wherever we are and into what ever relations we might be ...

    alone in a crowd.

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  5. love urself..
    yet b remain
    a good n
    honest person

    is the boundry
    "love for urself"

    keep ur anger grow.....
    upto the boundary
    so that
    it become ur

  6. i partly agree by Ur thought but i think that love is a feeling which is self generated.no one falls in love knowingly.its just like the gravitational force which when starts then it will definitely catch you and you can't escape off.it is definitely good to love your self but when that force comes into play u will not remember anything except the person u love...

  7. Excellent post. very inspirational. You are very true to all your words. Love does not make sense in today's world. I too have experienced the same thing. It has been a common topic of discussion with my friends - Does love really exist in modern society? No, it doesn't. To be honest, I must say its all about sex and money beyond which nothing seems to work.

  8. thanks for all information

  9. Yes. I agree 100% that we all need to be loved every second. Thanks for the post sister :)

  10. i highly appreciate your work and the way u think ...you will alwayz be successful in your life....