Saturday, May 24, 2008


one fine morning, when the sun was high,
and mother nature had bunged its sigh,
all creation seemed to be celebrating,
and, there seemed to be no sign of grating,
yet, i could sense a fear in my heart,
as if things had ended before i could make a start.

as if life had lost its flavor,
and, had left my mind to waver,
i felt like i had felt never before,
but, it was a horrible feeling to be sure,
as if the world had lost its lure.

i could sense the end,
the end of many trends,
time seemed to have stopped,
and it stood by me to mock,

what i was, and what am i now,
oh! why did it happen and how?...
at present, when i sit down to pen down my thoughts,
life seems to be about to rot,
everything seems to have come to an end,
as if i am left with no errands.

i feel as if no one cares for me,
as if, none is there to adore me,
as if i am left all alone,
just me, me and me.

oh! so much of pessimism,
pray thee! i don't die of egoism,
there is a ceaseless restlessness,
as if destruction has held me to caress,
help me oh god
to come out of this pod.

but, then after every night there is a day,
there is still a hope that someday.....


  1. commenting on a sad peice of poetry is always a tedious task and since i know the blogger personally and somewhere the surge
    of being the once to read this pessimistic lines had left a sad patch on me, yet analysing the poem i would say :
    hint of positivity at the end had been left uncompleted and poet could have justifies the narrator with a spark of optimism , but she somehow glorifies the sadness in the narrator too much that there was hardly a space left for a last smile, call it sarcastic or dillusive, the poem seems to start on a sad day and end on a sad night, which is very sad indeed

  2. I love this pome so much and it touch me and it makes me think how my some frnds did me wrong and well it makes me remember all those things once again.This poem was very well written and is very true.
    let me share a poem with u which i found here frm net.this is by christelle duvenage.i found ur poem similar to this one.
    If These Walls Could Talk

    If these walls could talk,
    you'd know my body is dead,
    my mind has been taken over,
    that's why I am so scared,
    I can't control it,
    anger is making me blind,
    I've been left here on my own
    chained to a hate of some kind.
    If these walls could talk.

    If these walls could talk,
    you'd know about my fears,
    about all those nights I screamed for help,
    about all my fallen tears.
    You'd know about the demons
    haunting me at night,
    you'd be able to help me
    keep my fire alight,
    if these walls could talk.

    If these walls could talk
    they would say that it's all right,
    God sends His angels
    to look over me at night.
    They'd encourage me,
    say though I am alone
    it doesn't mean I‘m on my own.
    He watches me, from above
    and showers me with all His love,
    if only these walls could talk.