Saturday, May 24, 2008


It is common to see people of east as an itinerant of west. Of course….it is the walk of the town now… the trio bangla, gadi, aur paisa has become a prerequisite for a grand life… we owe this to our British rulers who left that tinge of chic after they went… ‘angrez to chale gayee par angreezee chod gayee’ .

But now is the time to witness a reverse osmosis… the west is drifting towards east…it indeed is.. The cultural heritage of India is attracting people from the west. Recently, the famous supermodel Heidi Klum and her husband Seal celebrated their 3rd anniversary by reuniting via an Indian wedding. It is reported that the duo was so much magnetized by Benaras and its vedic splendor that they decide to call upon a pandit all the way from India and a ‘mini benaras’ was created along mexico’s costa careyes beach.

Similarly Angelina jolie who visited India for shooting “ a mighty heart” was astounded by India’s beauty and said that India was much more diverse than what she had heard.

And of course our bollywood gang is not lagging behind they have not left any stone unturned to depict the extraordinary talents of Indians.. be it “ namesty London”, “swadesh”, “om jai jagdesh”, or out Indian ‘krish’ who is an consummate combination of superman, batman, and Spiderman. Then comes our mighty brigade of millionaires…the Mittals, the Ambanis..So doesn’t that show that we are somewhat elevated than them. At this point of time it would not be wrong to imagine a 100 yr rule of east over west…. Doesn’t that sound intresting?????. .. when our future generations will read in their history



  1. yeah surely the influence of our cultural roots has been impeccable on certain top graded minds of western cultured people, as has been correctly stated by the writer.
    its an article that inculcates a sense of pride in mind of the reader for indian heritage, and appreciable work in done through a 21th century upgradation of patriotism via this blog by miss dubey.
    yet i belive that HISTORY WOULD REPEAT ITSELF fully only and only if certain negatives that we are still grasping from west in abundance are stopped and back flow of their culture into ours in terms of negativity is stopped

  2. ya its true that the western peoples r drifting towards east, they r keen to adopt the culture of eastern people...the mini india in NYC,the akshrdham temple in North america,the slogan branch of baba rama dev in chicago are the few xamples which signifies the indian heritage in western region.

    India has come a long way from its inward-looking economic strategy of over 50 yrs ago.economic liberalisation n d gradual opening up to d world hv boosted growth n lifted millions of people out of poverty.india will become the fastest growing economy out of 34 developed n emerging markets n will lead by 2020.

  3. yup!!!it's a fact that our indian culture is rich in spiritual as well as ethical values as compared to west...
    somebody has rightly said that "unan
    missra(egypt),roma mit gye is jahan se KUCH BAAT HAI KI HASTI MITTI NHI HMARI "
    nd now the west has realized our culture nd that's why they r turning towards us but on the other hand we indians r destroying our culture by deliberately following the west...
    but i appriciate the writer for her effort to inculcate the feeling of patriotism nd pride for our culture..