Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Anonymous favourite

In the journey of life,
when everywhere there was strife,
He came and held my hand,
And as if by some magical wand,
All anxieties flowed away like sand.

Oh! It was majestic,
There is a doubt at it being realistic,
You See, the change was drastic,
And it all seemed very ecstatic.

The very first time when my eyes met his,
I knew the person made for me was this,
I knew that someday he would be mine,
And it would be then that my destiny would shine.

Most undoubtedly I got him,
My heart was filled with emotions till the brim,
Oh! what a happy time we had,
and in his company i felt glad.

I felt that all my desires had been fulfilled,
And all my wishes granted,
With him i felt enchanted.

But then came a phase of my life,
when my mind told me that it was not right,
But my heart still in search of love,
Fought with my mind with all its might.

The end was heartbreaking,
It was gloomily breathtaking,
I was left with my morals shaking,
And i felt my soul aching.

What more can i say now,
It was then that i took a vow,
To wait till the right time, and the right situation,
But i still doubt the seriousness of my notion. 

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