Sunday, May 18, 2008


" the day is not far when we will slaughter you in the streets of Delhi, mumbai, kolkata, chennai and other cities of India"

-e-mail received
before the u.p. serial blasts

when i saw the bloodied roads of the "pink city" this was the very first thought that came into my mind..... so is india actually loosing the touch. terrorism is spreading in india like an epidemic and is taking millions of lives every year. WHAT ARE WE "YOUNGISTAN" DOING FOR INDIA? can we actually help INDIA to cope up with this situation?????..... CAN WE DO SOMETHING FOR OUR MOTHERLAND???.... we youngsters are the future of this country... only we can save it from the clutches of poverty..... SO, ARE WE READY????!!!!!


  1. thats right we should think about it....

  2. yes not only youngsters, but every citizen of india should seriously concentrate on it and do some thing for it. keep it up!

  3. "another thought provoking and patriotic piece has brought another smile on my blood gelled indian heart"...courtesy miss dubey.
    well in the literal view.."CAN WE SOMETHING FOR OUR COUNTRY",seemed like a print error to i belive its a direct and to the point question to the youth. which i belive is busy in pizza shops or watching roadies, while this answer still needs a proper reply...yes! terrorism has been inculcated on certain domestic minds, and my concern had always been on indian born terrorists rather that foreighn product minds.. i would like to see a proper education system in remote places of kashmir and east, that will lead to a decline in domestic inssurgency, of that i am sure.less aggression and more calmness is required to tackle the inner issues and pure and serious aggression is a need of hour for external voilent organisations

  4. ya thats true...i really appreciate ur thinkin.we r the backbone of our country...we r goin to shape our country, so its time to wake up n wake others to move in this regard. keep it up.

  5. this is not the matter of just thinking but to act upon it is more important...
    today terrorism has taken us back
    from being a devoloped country to a
    devoloping nation aftr 50 yrs of independence as well...
    poverty ,population ,corruption etc r also the root causes of terrorism
    so what we the "youngistanians "can do is to just wholesolely employ ourselve in eradicating these 3causes from our society we must pledge our "soul" that whatever we will be ,whereever we will be we will never become corrupt nd will always be patriotic towards uor motherland....

  6. Its true dat we can help India to cope up with this situation.
    But d question is r we ready to pay d price.
    I m not saying join d armed forces to help our country combat with terrorism.
    But d other way is to support our govt., our army and our civil system wen they take severe measures. we hav to look beyond instant losses to guarantee long term benefits.
    Though corruption, poverty and other problems are limiting our progress in almost every field but who is responsible, actually we are.
    Its us who r dere on d posts where this problems can be combatted but instead of complaining if we start acting den we will get results.
    So in short i would like to say dat wen we start taking responsibilities beyond our households only den our country wud be terror free, poverty free and corruption free.

  7. Well, I don't know about others. But I am always ready to play my role in anyway possible. I love my country and more importantly my people.